Separating but not married? Mediation can help!

Marital med 2nd imageWhen couples with children separate, there are a lot of decisions to make. Having those agreements in writing can decrease the chance for future conflict, facilitating a smoother  future for you and your children.

Unmarried couples with children need to determine their parenting schedule, how they will share holidays and special days with the children, how they will manage vacations with or without the children, how they will make important decisions in the future regarding the children, and more. A mediator can help by raising issues the couple may not yet have thought about and by facilitating the conversation when communication becomes challenging.

In addition, parents need to determine their support arrangements for the children and how expenses for the children such as health insurance, co-pays, prescriptions, dental costs, childcare and education will be handled. The mediator can assist by ensuring the parties gather necessary information to make informed decisions, provide information and resources to the parties, and help manage strong emotions and conflict as they arise.

If you and your partner are separating, mediation can help. Contact The Mediation Center today for more information, visit our website for more resources at or contact us today to schedule an appointment or talk with a mediator at [email protected] or 585-244-2444.

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