Collaborative Facilitation

Collaborative Law offers legal support in room, a step above the mediation process. This process will also keep you out of court and is for couples who are unable to mediate or feel they need legal a higher level of legal support in the room, Collaborative Law offers this structure. The Mediation Center supports the Collaborative process when mediation is not a good fit for a couple and separating or divorcing and Renee LaPoint is trained in the collaborative model to act as a neutral facilitator.

Neutral facilitators are professionals such as a mediator or financial professional who work on the Collaborative team. Neutral professionals serving as team members are engaged at the beginning of a Collaborative case and generally attend all joint meetings. They often meet with the husband and wife, individually and/or together, at various times during the process between joint meetings. They work toward resolution of specific issues or to intervene if communication becomes difficult.



These neutrals act as process facilitators to assure that meetings go smoothly and that the group is making progress toward completing the case; they are consultants who help clients develop and focus on what interests they would like to have satisfied as they move through their Collaborative divorce; they also serve as negotiation facilitators who help clients reach agreements on child-related or other specific issues. Having a neutral professional on the team to help the parties deal with those feelings allows everyone to attend to the business decisions that are required to finish a case.