Month: February 2024

Financial Benefits of Mediation: An Intern’s perspective

When I first heard of mediation, I wasn’t quite sure what it entailed. After reading different
articles on the benefits of it, I learned that one of the biggest praises was that mediation is extremely

When looking at mediation compared to the court process, court fees can pile up
very quickly for various reasons, obtaining a lawyer, paying hourly rates, and more. With
mediation, I have learned that it only takes a few sessions, a lot fewer people are involved, and
generally, there are fixed fees when it comes to sitting down with a mediator, ultimately saving

Understanding that time is money, is crucial. Not every couple wants to go through a lengthy
court process, not knowing how much it is ultimately going to cost them. This means that you
may be missing out on work, losing money, or having to find extra work for the costs that the
court process will gather.

Generally with mediation, your mediator will have a set rate that they
offer for each session or per hour. Instead of walking into the unknown, the mediation route is a
lot more enticing for most because they can gauge how much the entire process will cost them.

Mediation is also an extremely flexible option. The couple going through the mediation process
can pick when they want to sit down with their significant other and speak with a mediator. Since
the couple then has control over their own decisions, they are more likely to already feel more in
control over what happens to their future because they know what fits their lives better than
anyone else does.

In this process, the couple can figure out their finances in ways that benefit
both parties and help both individuals walk away happy. Feeling more in control of the
process can help make the process feel more worth it, knowing that they are spending money
on positive decision-making.

Seeing how mediation can help with not only leaving decisions in the couple’s hands but saving
them money compared to if they were to take an alternative route shows why mediation is a
great selection if you are seeking to spend less and decide more.

Cassidy Utter – Mediation Intern