The following list of websites and books for adults and children provide valuable information sources for all types of mediation including divorce mediation resources.


Getting Divorced Without Ruining Your Life 
by Sam Margulies

Making Divorce Work
by Diana Mercer

Crazy Time: Surviving Divorce
by Abigail Trafford

Putting Children First
by Joanne Pedro-Carroll

Mom’s House, Dad’s House
by Isolini Ricci

Difficult Questions Kids Ask and Are Afraid to Ask About Divorce
by Meg F. Schneider and Joan Zuckerberg

Divorce Book For Parents
by Vicki Lansky

Survival Manual for Women and Men in Divorce
by Edwin Schilling and Carol Ann Wilson


Books for Children

It’s Not Your Fault, Koko Bear
by Vicki Lansky

Why Are We Getting a Divorce?
by Peter Mayle

Divorce Helpbook for Teens
by Cynthia MacGregor