Do we have to sell our house if we are getting divorced?

Erasing FearWhen people work together through mediation, they can focus on meeting the interests and needs of their family, rather than “settling” their property. This opens up all kinds of creative possibilities including what to do with their home.

Many couples hope to keep their home. For some, it is important to keep their children in the same home and neighborhood, at least during the transition of the divorce. Others have put a great deal of work and effort into their home and one or the other would really like to keep it and live there. Still others are concerned about the financial investment and determining the best timing for a sale.

Some couples sell their home. Others decide that one person will “buy-out” the other person’s equity in the property. Still others continue to own the home jointly for a period of time. Each option has positive and negative consequences and numerous decisions that must be made about how it will take place. A mediator can facilitate a conversation the helps couples stay open to possibilities while exploring options and thinking through decisions. Contact a mediator today at 585-244-2444 or [email protected].

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