Mediation and Omelets

As I was making my morning omelet, I had a thought. Divorce mediation and the process of resolving family conflict within that framework of good faith, active participation and negotiation is like making an omelet.

You may be asking yourself, how is using mediation for a separation or divorce like making an omelet?

To make an omelet, you have to break some eggs and it is sometimes messy. There are many steps and things to think about. Remember to spray the pan so the eggs don’t stick. You have to get the temperature in the pan just right for the omelet to be successful and look like an omelet or you are going to wind up with scrambled eggs. The right “flip” is essential and then you have to decide what ingredients you are going to add to your omelet to create the experience that you want from the omelet; cheese, veggies, meat or a combination of all three.

I do not mean to trivialize the process of separation and divorce but rather to illustrate that like making an omelet and picking and choosing what goes into your omelet, in mediation YOU have the ability to decide what goes into your agreement. You are creating a new family structure.

The process of mixing things together to come out with a new creation; and you do the best you can. Following another family’s recipe does not always work for what you think is best. No two omelets look alike and no two mediated agreements look alike. The ability to customize your agreement to best fit your changing family is one of the benefits of mediation.

Divorce and separation can be messy and it is not easy to redefine your family. Many decisions (ingredients) have to go into your agreement. How you design that is up to you in mediation.

Making an omelet is hard. Divorce and separation is hard. Make it easier by choosing a process that gives you control over the decisions that will affect your family now and in the future, mediation.

Choose mediation and stay in control. Staying out of a court based process will save you time, money and heartache. Mediation allows you to make the decisions, keeps parents communicating and allows you to customize your agreement.

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