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DO IT YOURSELF DIVORCE-  You’ve seen it online when you search for information about divorce, it’s even on some court websites.  DIY may work for your basic home improvement projects, but when it comes to separating from your spouse or partner it is not likely to be the best choice or even the least expensive choice.  There are so many factors and interests to balance as you make decisions about what will be in your best interest and your children’s best interest that it is difficult get it right without some assistance from a professional. Decisions you make regarding Child Support, Spousal Support, Property Division, and Parenting will affect you and your children for years.

How often have your attempted that home improvement project and realized you were in over your head and had to get the plumber, electrician, or contractor in to fix it?  You end up spending more money than if you had called the professional in the first place.  If you try to handle your own separation or divorce the outcome can impact your ability to pay your bills, keep a roof over your head, pay for your kid’s college and even your ability to maintain a relationship with your children.  You will spend thousands of dollars trying to undo your mistake.

If you are trying to keep your expenses down for your divorce or separation call a Professional Divorce Mediator.  A mediator will assist you with communicating with your spouse and negotiating a reasonable lasting agreement that will meet your needs now and in the future without having to go to court.  You can make your own decisions with the information and knowledge shared by the mediator so you get it right the first time.  As an attorney I have seen many DIY divorces be rejected by the court.  The parties are then have to figure out how to fix their mistakes.  They often have to get an attorney to repair the divorce papers, which can cost more than getting it right the first time with a mediated agreement and attorney assisted uncontested divorce filing.  You can find more information on mediation at;   or at my website

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