The term “conscious uncoupling” is big news right now. What is “conscious uncoupling”?

It is the ability to understand that every irritation and argument in a marriage was a signal to look within ourselves and identify whatever needed healing; looking at the individuals in a relationship, rather than just the relationship.

“From this perspective, there are no bad guys, just two people” This expands on the blame-free theory. Meaning, WE did this together and not just one of us is to blame. WE failed at the relationship. The focus is on moving forward rather than throwing stones from the past.

Using this definition of conscious uncoupling of “no blame” and a desire to move forward and respect each other is a perfect fit with mediation. Mediation focuses on the couple’s ability to work out agreements together that benefit the family and to move forward with positive interactions and communication.

Mediation allows couples who desire to “uncouple”, the power to create lasting agreements that are customized for their specific needs and situation, empowering people to make the best decisions on issues that matter most.

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