Domestic Partnerships

The creation of a Domestic Partnership Agreement protects UNMARRIED couples and families not covered under the traditional domestic relationship (marriage) laws, as well as offering stability if the partnership were to break-up.

Unmarried couples who choose to live together and not marry can create agreements that provide clarification for property and parental rights, as well as the protection of estate planning if something were to happen to one or the other partner. They can also look at appointing a trustee in cases where the last one to pass may need someone to execute their will to its fullest extent. Contacting and discussing their options with firms such as CunninghamLegal can put them on the right path to getting this done.

Ten years ago when someone was asked to define a family, they may have said a husband, wife and kids (biological). But today, families come in all different shapes and make-ups. They may consist of same sex partners, unmarried heterosexual couples, single parents, grandparents raising grandchildren and blended families from more than one relationship or previous marriage.


Regardless of your families’ particular make-up, the need to protect your family is a real one. Each family has specific needs to be addressed, whether they be domestic partnership agreements, pre-nuptial agreements, adoption issues, or estate planning.

Domestic Partnerships that have come to an end also need negotiated settlements including custody agreements and property settlements. The Mediators at the Mediation Center can help you form agreements based on what’s important to you and your special family.