Relationship Mediation

Relationship Mediation is a method of helping couples who are experiencing problems within their relationship and who would prefer to stay together and work through their conflict.

The process begins by helping couples identify their common commitment to their union and then responds in a flexible manner, depending on their issues. Relationship Mediation uses mediation techniques to open and improve lines of communication, helps couples address areas of friction in their relationship, and develop “guidelines” that focus on the behavioral changes each person will make in order to lessen future conflict. Couples deal with conflict and have disagreements every day. Mediation can be used for those issues that can’t seem to be resolved.

The mediator can help guide you to a resolution that best meets the needs of both parties. You will also learn communication and cooperation skills that you can leave with and carry over to utilize in the future. Relationship Mediation emphasizes practical focus, settlement of one or more specific issues, and behavioral change. Couples sometimes prefer Relationship Mediation simply because it is not therapy and in particular not to be labeled as “therapy.” Relationship Mediation uses mediation techniques and takes a specific form of intervention that is not the same as couples therapy or marriage counseling.

With the mediator, the couple sorts through ongoing issues within their marriage and explores options to bridge the gap and come to agreements in disputed areas, while learning new tools for communication and negotiation to use within the relationship. Relationship Mediation is a focused, short-term approach to solving problems in a relationship.