Who Should Use Mediation?

YOU should use mediation. If you are considering Separation, Divorce or are having difficulties in your marriage, domestic partnership or with other family, mediation should be your process option choice. Benefit from the process that allows flexibility, ownership for decisions, choice and positive results. If there are safety issues regarding domestic violence, restraining orders, issues with addictions or mental health issues, please click on the link below to learn about other process choice options or call/email us to discuss your options. We take keeping people safe and empowered very seriously.

Mediation allows the participants to be in control of the decisions that will affect their lives the most. You will be your own advocate while obtaining legal, financial and other advice from supporting professionals as needed.

Learning to communicate more effectively can lead to positive communication and co-parenting, whether you are staying with your partner or separating. Being successful co-parents is one of the greatest factors in your children’s success in the future.

Families can survive conflict and divorce or separation. The definition may change, but a new structure can form that will have positive and lasting results where the parties communicate and cooperate. The future tone you set for your family can be determined within the mediation process. You have the power to make it the best you can for now and the future, especially when there are children involved. It’s about being the best parent you can be, even though the marital relationship is ending.

If you feel mediation will not offer enough support for your situation, or if you have specific situations regarding safely, addictions or mental health issues, click on the link below to read about other options for conflict resolution that will keep you out of court.


Mediation and Other Process Options

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